For Your Holiday in Italy

Information that is important as the basis for preparing your holiday and selecting your holiday property:

All prices are based on one full week and include incidental costs such as kitchen gas, water and electricity, as well as final cleaning and a standard set of towels and bed linen. Please pay the deposit into the German bank account of the agency within 5 working days as specified. The balance is to be paid to the proprietors, either in advance by bank transfer or locally in cash upon arrival. Payment by credit card is not possible. The payment arrangements will be specified in your reservation.

Unless otherwise specified, the minimum rental period is one week. As specified in the booking confirmation, the time of arrival is between 4.00 – 7.00 pm and the time of departure is always by 10.00 am. The key is generally handed over only upon presentation of the booking confirmation and once the remainder of the rental fee has been paid in full. You will receive specific information concerning arrival, the address and telephone number of the contact person and detailed directions upon receipt of the deposit.

In the case of a late arrival, you must inform the proprietor or his agent. The proprietor would appreciate if you could send him a text message with the expected time of arrival at all events, even if it is within the time period specified in the rental documents. Please note that the key will only be handed over at the agreed time of arrival, even if you arrive at the holiday property earlier than specified. Any arrival later than 7.00 pm must be requested in advance and is only possible if agreed by the proprietor. A late arrival may possibly be agreed against payment of a fee to the proprietor.

Generally the proprietor arranges for handing over the keys. Please understand that you cannot expect them to have any knowledge of foreign languages.

The number of people specified in your booking is binding. Babies and infants are counted as a full person. Any changes to the number of people must explicitly have been confirmed by us.

The living space indicated in square metres in the description always refers to external wall dimensions; the internal dimensions may be up to 15% smaller. The holiday properties are private property and therefore, they have been furnished according to the personal taste and the personal means of the respective owner. Pillows and quilts are provided for the permissible number of occupants. Cleaning supplies, tablecloths and consumer goods are not provided, unless specified otherwise in the property description. A set of bed linen and towels (3 per person) is provided. A change of linen can be booked on request and will be charged at EUR 10/person. Stairs/ladders to the upper floors may be steep and without railings. In some holiday properties the ceilings may be lower than normal. If garden furniture is listed in the description, this generally means a table and garden chairs. Cushions for sunbeds and seating furniture are not usually part of the holiday property equipment.

Soap, shampoo, etc. should never be used in a swimming pool. Outdoor pools are available from approximately mid-May to the end of September, depending on weather conditions. If you arrive in low season, please check whether the pools are open. The swimming pools in our accommodations are considered private and are not supervised by lifeguards. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. The owners are not liable for any accidents or injuries. It is not permitted to give access to the pool to guests who are not registered at the booked accommodation.

In holiday properties that only have a television without a satellite system, you can only receive national programs. If there is a satellite system, it is usually aimed at Astra (German, English and local channels). Depending on the location, the quality can vary. Marmonti or the landlord cannot guarantee the reception of english channels, even with satellite systems

If the holiday home is equipped with a smart television, you can log in to your streaming providers with your own account or use public offers on the Internet. Please remember to log out when you leave. at departure

The speed of the internet connection depends on the local provider and can neither be guaranteed nor influenced. Maremonti or the landlord cannot guarantee that the internet in the holiday property will always run smoothly. With most cell phone contracts you can now use your normal data volume in other European countries at no additional cost. Please contact your cell phone provider for information about this.

Holiday property plots are often on natural ground. Therefore, the specified area may not be entirely usable. It may include woodland, high grass, wild meadows and olive groves. It is possible that the access road to the holiday property may not be navigable without difficulty in very low vehicles.

Not all of Liguria’s roads can be compared with your local standard. If the description states that the property is enclosed, this does not necessarily mean that the fence is dog-proof and that pets can run free without a lead on the plot. Maremonti does not assume any liability for runaway pets.

All stated distances refer to the estimated distance from the plot to the nearest coast as the crow flies and serve merely as a guideline. The distances to the shopping facilities refer to the distance to the nearest local grocery store or supermarket. Maremonti cannot be held responsible for any shop or restaurant closures.

Where stated in the rental documents, a cash security deposit will be charged upon arrival. It is generally reimbursed upon departure. Any fees incurred in connection with the reimbursement shall be deducted from the security deposit amount. Likewise, any damage or costs incurred if the property is handed over unsatisfactorily shall be deducted from the security deposit. Should these costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the difference plus a settlement processing fee shall be charged to the tenant.

Heating costs are usually not included. We would like to point out to our guests that energy costs in Italy are significantly more expensive than in other countries.

If a kw/h / gas or heating oil price is given, this is a guideline value. The landlords bill at the current daily energy price.

If necessary, the heating costs for the central heating will be paid on site in cash, unless they have been paid in advance as a flat rate.

With pellet heating and fireplace stoves in the holiday properties, the tenant can provide their own heating needs.

In some accommodations, gas and electricity consumption is billed separately according to the meter reading at the daily rate and paid for in cash on site. Please refer to the respective house description for any additional costs.

Please leave the property in the same condition you would expect to find it in. The proprietor has handed it over to you clean and tidy and wants to get it back in the same condition. This particularly applies to the cleaning of the refrigerator, cooker, barbecue and sanitary facilities. Even though the final cleaning is included, you are expected to clean the dishes, empty the refrigerator and dishwasher and tidy both inside and outside of the property. Please put the furniture back in its original place, tidy the kitchen (wash up, empty the refrigerator and, if applicable, the dishwasher), dispose of the waste and clean the barbecue. Please note that cleaning supplies and cloths are not included in the equipment provided in the holiday properties. If this is not done, the proprietor reserves the right to charge this service separately.

If there is a dog symbol in the description, pets are allowed. Please advise when booking if you are taking pets and ensure they have the necessary vaccinations and documentation (please ask the vet).

For hygiene reasons, it should go without saying that pets are not allowed to swim in the pool under any circumstances. If there is contamination from pets in the water or large amounts of dog hair in the pump or vacuum robot in the pool you use during your stay, we will charge the tenant for replacing the swimming pool water.

Even in fenced-in properties, it is not permitted to let pets run free unattended.

Please ensure that no “leftovers” from your four-legged friends are left behind on the property. If the outdoor areas are dirty, the tenant will be charged for this subsequently. Beds, pillows, blankets and upholstered furniture are exclusively for two-legged guests. Treating your accommodation with care guarantees that your four-legged guests will continue to be welcome next season.

A number of properties are stated to be non-smoking. The proprietor indicates this in the holiday property. Maremonti can neither guarantee nor check whether the smoking ban is complied with; however, we ask our guests to respect this wish.

Please note that even in holiday properties where pets are not allowed, sources of allergies can still occur. In southern countries and especially in holiday properties that are located in the great outdoors, a wide variety of animals and insects can occur; this also applies to mosquitoes, silverfish, ants, centipedes, wasps, woodlice, mice, martens and dormice and all locally common animals. Cobwebs appear within a very short time, even though the house has been thoroughly cleaned. Maremonti cannot be held responsible for this. If there are any problems, please inform the homeowner or their representative or the agency so that remedial action can be taken. The first step should always be to keep all food tightly closed and to ensure adequate mosquito protection.

Maremonti has no control over potential construction work in the respective areas. Therefore it is possible that you may encounter construction noise (new buildings or renovations) near the holiday property. However, as soon as we find out that this is the case, we shall immediately notify you of this either before booking or prior to your arrival. It is as much in our interest that you have a relaxing holiday. Please keep in mind that everyday life of the locals in Liguria continues. In southern countries the noise level is generally higher. In rural areas the use of agricultural machinery may cause some disturbance. You should also expect to hear noises of the local fauna, such as crickets, frogs, dogs and tawny owls, even during the night. We have no control over this.

Should you against expectations discover any deficiencies of the property or inventory upon your arrival, you must inform the proprietor or his agent of this within 72 hours; any shortcomings relating to the cleanliness of the property must be notified immediately. A complaint cannot be sent by e-mail and must instead be made either over the phone or in person to the proprietor or his agent. Should this not result in a satisfactory resolution within a reasonable period of time, please inform the agency at 0049-176-70646943 in order to remedy the issue. Any reduction in the rental fee may only occur if we have received a complaint, which was not remedied at all or within a reasonable period of time.

If a remedy should only be possible with disproportionately high costs, resolution may be provided in the form of a replacement holiday property.

The Tenant is obligated to avoid any further damage, defects or consequential loss and to keep any financial loss/damage to a minimum. In the case of a complaint, the tenant must grant a reasonable remedy period. Any early departure without prior notice shall be on account and at the risk of the Tenant. The tenant thereby risks that the tenancy is not cancelled and/or there is no claim for compensation on his part. This is due to the fact that through his departure, the tenant has rendered a remedy or the provision of another holiday property impossible.

Any reimbursement shall be limited to direct economic loss. Neither Maremonti nor the proprietor shall be liable for any indirect economic loss (consequential loss) or non-economic loss (non-material damage).

During very hot summers or dry spells, there may be issues with the water and/or electricity supply. Maremonti has no control over this. In such instances, please notify the proprietor or his agent. Due to the soil, the water may have a harmless brown colouring in some areas. There is a chance that the water pressure will drop or the water supply will be interrupted during prolonged dry spells or as a result of the local conditions. We generally recommend that you are economical with water.

For safety reasons the fuses of the electric supply network are designed for a lower resistance. It is, therefore, not possible to run all provided appliances (such as kettle, hairdryer, washing machine) at the same time. Power cuts are a frequent occurrence during thunder storms. The cost of electricity in Italy is very high.

Please keep in mind that you are travelling to a Mediterranean country. Italians see certain things in a more relaxed manner. Let the Italian way of life “infect” you a little. Immerse yourself in the Italian dolce vita and the associated zest for life. Most of your holiday destination has maintained its ecological balance, which is why it cannot be ruled out that, for example, insects, lizards or small, harmless scorpions may occur in the holiday properties and on the premises. However, they pose no danger. Should you be plagued by midges, citronella lotion or small plug-in mosquito killers (e.g. by Vape) may help; they are present in most of the properties and can be purchased in any supermarket. Take power cuts and water outages in your stride and remember that spare parts (e.g. for swimming pools) are often quite difficult to procure. Repairs take their time. With a little patience, good humour and understanding you will soon feel like an Italian and enjoy your stay. Should you encounter any problems against expectations, we will be happy to help you.

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