General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

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In the event of a booking, the following agency terms and conditions, if effectively agreed, become part of the agency contract that you as a customer conclude with the Maremonti vacation home agency regarding the vacation home/apartment.

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General Terms and Conditions of Contract (GTC) - Agent/ Landlord/ Tenant

1. contractual relationship
Maremonti offers the brokerage of third-party services on its website, namely brokerage contracts with the landlords of the vacation homes. Maremonti therefore merely acts as an intermediary between the customer and the landlord. The rental contract is usually concluded directly between the tenant and the landlord upon arrival on site.

2. booking
Bookings are made online or in writing using the Maremonti vacation home agency booking form. By making a booking, you offer to enter into a binding rental agreement. The rental agreement can only be concluded with the landlord on site upon written confirmation from Maremonti and after receipt of the agency fee (approx. 20% of the travel price).

3. payments
Upon conclusion of the contract / booking, the agency fee is due by bank transfer to the vacation home agency against delivery of the booking confirmation.

The rental payment is to be made directly to the landlord or their representative either by bank transfer to the landlord's account in advance or at the latest on arrival. The payment modalities are listed in the booking documents.

If the rental payment has not been made on the day of arrival by bank transfer or in cash on site, the landlord has the right to withdraw from the contract and may refuse you access to the vacation accommodation.

The agreed price is a gross price (including statutory VAT).

4. occupancy
The vacation accommodation may only be occupied and used by the number of persons stated in the booking confirmation. The number of persons stated also includes children, infants and babies. If the prices for the vacation accommodation are staggered according to the number of persons, all persons must also be stated here. The maximum occupancy is stated in the house description. The landlord is entitled to refuse to accept additional guests. Setting up tents and caravans etc. on the property is not permitted.

5. deposit
If a deposit is due, this is stated in the booking documents and/or the house description. The security deposit relationship is concluded exclusively between the customer and the landlord. Maremonti is under no obligation to settle or repay the deposit.

6. consumption costs
The consumption costs for electricity, gas, water and heating costs are billed as stated in the house description. Data consumption when using the internet service may be limited.

7. final cleaning
The final cleaning is to be charged as stated in the house description. The customer is in any case obliged to leave the house tidy, clean and tidy on departure. Cleaning includes putting the kitchen in order, sweeping and vacuuming the floors and leaving the sanitary facilities tidy. Please take any remaining food with you. The barbecue must be cleaned of residues. All garbage including glass, paper etc. must be disposed of. If the vacation home is not handed over properly, the landlord is entitled to charge the costs incurred.

8 Bed linen
The beds are made upon arrival. A change of linen is possible on request for a fee.

9. pets
Pets may be brought along where provided for in the house descriptions, but must be registered at the time of booking and confirmed in writing by Maremonti. Beds and upholstered furniture are reserved exclusively for two-legged guests. All "legacies" of dogs must always be removed, even in the outdoor areas. Otherwise the landlord is entitled to charge a lump sum of 200 €.

10. duty of care/damage
The tenant has the right to use the rental property, including furniture and utensils, exclusively for vacation purposes in accordance with the contractual agreement. He undertakes to treat the rented property and its inventory with the greatest possible care. He is obliged to immediately report any damage caused during the rental period through his fault or the fault of his guests and, if necessary, to make good the damage. In the event of culpable damage to the vacation accommodation or the property, the landlord shall demand compensation. Tenants are obliged to report any damage caused immediately and, if necessary, to compensate for it.

11. Facilities and supervisory duties
Maremonti expressly points out that all facilities such as the pool, kitchen, house furnishings, play equipment etc. are used at your own risk. Terraces, stairs and pools are not always secured with railings. Children must be made aware of the dangers in and around the house and supervised by their parents or guardians.

12. moving in and out
The vacation accommodation is available for your arrival from 16:00 on the first day of booking. Earlier arrival is generally not possible. The keys should be handed over between 16:00 and 19:00. Arrivals after 7 p.m. will be charged at €10 per hour or part thereof. Arrivals after 11.00 pm are not possible, but must be arranged by telephone the following day. Please plan your arrival accordingly.
Departure must be by 10:00 am. Upon arrival, please arrange the expected departure time directly with your landlord in order to organize the handover of the apartment.
Please leave the apartment swept clean by 10 am on the day of departure, dispose of your household, glass, paper and plastic waste completely and clean the barbecue of charcoal residues. Otherwise the landlord is entitled to charge an expense allowance.

13. Withdrawal and termination by the tenant
You can withdraw from the rental agreement at any time. Written withdrawal is recommended. If you withdraw from the rental contract or do not start the rental period, the landlord can demand compensation for the expenses incurred by him. If the vacation is cancelled, regardless of the time frame, a processing fee or a claim for compensation is always due. The claim for compensation is calculated below.

Cancellation within 2 days of receipt of the booking form and issue of the reservation without receipt of the deposit € 30.

If canceled up to 90 days before the start of the vacation, a service charge of 25% of the rental costs is due.

Cancellations from 89 days to 50 days before the start of the vacation: 35% of the booked rental price

Cancellations from the 49th day to the 30th day before the start of the vacation 60% of the booked rental price

If canceled later than 29 days before the start of the vacation, we will charge 100% of the booked rental price.

In the event of late arrival or early departure, for whatever reason, we will charge 100% of the booked service.

For your own protection, the landlord recommends that you take out travel cancellation insurance and/or travel interruption insurance, e.g. directly on the Maremonti homepage with Travelsecure here: Travel cancellation insurance

The customer expressly reserves the right to prove directly to the lessor or Maremonti that the lessor has actually incurred no loss or a lower loss than the flat-rate compensation claimed. In the event of such proof, the customer shall only be obliged to pay the lower amount. The agent's entitlement to service fees shall remain in force in the event of rebooking, withdrawal, cancellation, annulment or termination of the brokered contract by the customer. This does not apply if the customer is entitled to a refund due to a claim for damages on the part of the customer due to deficiencies in the agent's advisory or agency services arising from contractual or statutory claims.

In the event of withdrawal, the customer is entitled, in accordance with the provisions of the booking contract, to name a replacement person who enters into the contract concluded with the customer with all rights and obligations.

14. notification of defects/termination
Defects in Maremonti's agency services must be reported to Maremonti by the lessee without delay and the lessee must be given the opportunity to remedy the defect. If this notification is culpably omitted, any claims of the customer arising from the agency contract shall lapse insofar as Maremonti would have been in a position to provide an appropriate remedy.

Defects in the vacation home itself, its facilities or other defects or faults must be reported immediately by the customer to the landlord himself (or via the contact person on site) and remedial action must be requested. If this notification is culpably omitted, the customer shall have no claims against the landlord insofar as the landlord would have been able to remedy the defect or disruption within a reasonable period of time or by providing another vacation home of equal value. Notification after return directly to the agency in Germany is therefore invalid.

Setting a deadline before termination
If a customer wishes to terminate the travel contract due to a travel defect of the type specified in § 615c BGB in accordance with § 615e BGB or for good cause recognizable to the Maremonti vacation home agency due to unreasonableness, he must first set Maremonti a reasonable deadline for remedial action. This shall only not apply if remedial action is impossible or is refused by Maremonti or if the immediate termination of the contract is justified by a special interest of the customer recognizable by Maremonti.

15 Withdrawal and termination by the lessor
Without notice in the event of force majeure and for compelling reasons which do not guarantee proper fulfillment of the contract. In this case, payments made will be refunded without deductions. There is no further entitlement to compensation. Without observance of a period of notice, with the landlord being entitled to compensation if the tenant behaves in breach of contract.

16 Liability
The landlord is liable for the proper provision of the services agreed in the rental contract. Any liability/reimbursement shall only cover direct economic loss. Neither Maremonti nor the property owner can be held liable for indirect economic damage (consequential damage) or damage of a non-economic nature (non-material damage). Maremonti's contractual liability as an agent under the agency agreement for any damage suffered by the customer other than personal injury is limited to three times the value of the service arranged, provided that Maremonti has not caused the customer's damage either intentionally or through gross negligence.

17 Exclusion of liability
Liability for occasional breakdowns or faults in the water and/or electricity supply is excluded, as is liability for the constant operational readiness of facilities such as heating, air conditioning, elevator, swimming pool, etc. We are not liable for service disruptions for which we are not responsible, e.g. in cases of "force majeure" such as natural events, environmental disasters, war, crises, strikes, epidemics, etc. We accept no liability for burglary or theft, or for items brought in by the guest. This also applies in particular to valuables that the guest keeps and/or leaves in the vacation apartment. It is in the customer's own interest to take out insurance for this. The guest is liable for all damage that he, his fellow travelers or his visitors have culpably caused in the vacation property and/or to the inventory of the vacation property. All damage must be reported to us or the owner of the property without delay. Maremonti shall not be liable for damage that was neither caused by gross negligence nor by intent, nor for damage that is solely attributable to the fault of a service provider. The landlord has the right to offer an equivalent property. There is no further right to compensation. The contract can be terminated by the landlord without notice if the traveler behaves contrary to the contract. In this case, the rental price shall be forfeited.

18 Place of jurisdiction and choice of law
The entire legal and contractual relationship between the customer and Maremonti shall be governed by German law.

In the event of legal action by the customer against Maremonti, the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the Maremonti vacation home agency. It is also agreed that the registered office of the Maremonti vacation home agency shall be the place of jurisdiction for any legal action brought by Maremonti against the customer.

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